Selects: Stevie, Alex, Matt

I spent the weekend shooting the Milledgeville Film Festival, and this shoot came together at lunch about midway through the weekend. Everyone retired to the Antebellum Inn for refreshments, and the mood had hit a sort of lull. People talked quietly in the quiet rooms and sipped something cool from small plastic cups. Outside, fragrant air swirled around warm spring blooms, and a driver rolled down their window to let the heavy air blow through the cab. 

In the house, someone said let's go ride bikes, and we all went outside to ride. I went to take pictures. At some point Stevie crossed underneath a tree and looked beautiful, sun-dappled in front of some red flowers in bloom, and I said wait wait, let me take your picture, and so she waited and I made a few frames. Then, just like that, Alex said can you take one of me too? and then Matt said yeah, me too. I'd never had someone ask me to take their photo, so I said yes yes, of course. Then they wanted to all get in the photo together, and I was going to have the bike in it too because the cyan popped against the greens and reds and browns and it even matched parts of Stevie's dress. So we made those photos, and it was fun to shoot with friends in the warm fragrant air, just to have fun, but we were hot so we went inside to shoot more because it was cooler in there. Matt pretended to play the piano, and I had Stevie and Alex sit on the couch and look at me in the mirror so I could shoot them too.

Matt went against the window, and I shot him there, and Stevie said what if I go outside against the window and I said yeah that will be good and Alex, should I go too and yeah you go too, so she went and we made pictures and had our fun in the middle of the the weekend of making connections and watching films in auditoriums with the lights off.